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Encoding Master

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1.61 17/10/06
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  • Mac OS X
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Encoding Master 1.61 17/10/06 Free English
  • Mac OS X

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A small utility for dealing with the numerous text encodings there are in the modern computing world. If you are in a mess with text encodings, Encoding Master could help! It can convert text in Shift-JIS to UTF-16-LE, or MacArabic to WinArabic, or WinHebrew to UTF-8, or anything to anything else! (at least where it concerns text encodings).


  • Convert text to and from any encoding!
  • Conversion has a "preview" window, which allows you to make sure that you know how your text will turn out.
  • Preview window auto-guesses the encoding for you! Unsure if you have UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-16-LE? EncodingMaster will tell you!
  • Batch processing! All the features can be done in batches, even on files in different folders.
  • Convert text in the clipboard.
  • Handy little up and down arrow buttons lets you quickly test all the encodings to see which one fits your text file.
  • Strip, or add Unicode BOMs to files.
  • Detect the type of line endings (Mac lines, PC lines, Unix lines). Convert all line endings to whatever line ending you need. Even detects mixed line endings, (some lines use LR and others use CR!), a common problem when working on source code across platforms.
  • Normalise according to Unicode NFD or NFC!
  • Validate the encoding of XML files, even comparing the file's encoding to the xml encoding declaration!
  • Verify Unicode files, find out if the file is valid Unicode, or non-conformant.
  • Repair invalid UTF-8 files.
  • Custom encodings that you define yourself via .enc files. BetaCode support was done this way.
  • Greek Betacode conversion. (Encoding Master comes with a BetaCode.enc file!)
  • Nice intuitive, clean and simple interface.
  • User safety is highest in the mind. No original files are over-written.
  • Easily remove the old original files that were moved aside, via the "Remove Old Originals" menu, in the "Tools" menu. This is handy to avoid cluttering up your directories with old files. If you want to keep the originals, then just don't open this menu command ;) Encoding Master doesn't force removal of files on you, it lets you do it but only if you explicitly request it.

"not working"

doesnt work, is asking you to choose how to convert. How i suooise to know? Anyway i couldn't see anything

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06 May 2013

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